Ok boys and girls, we want to try and do things differently here at Arena MX. So grab yourselves a coffee, sit down and start reading this for five minutes as we need your support on a number of issues:

It has to be said that for many years the sport, and its dedicated fans, haven’t always moved in the right direction here in the UK. Many track owners have often set up without planning permission and without concern for their neighbours, the environmental impact and the general safety of the public and their riders.

This instantly provides local residents, businesses and the Local Authorities with cause to further tar the already damaged image of the sport.

Let’s face it, here in the UK Motocross has found it hard to become a recognised, respected and accepted sport. Why has this happened? Well in simple terms, four reasons:

  1. Lack of investment at amateur/training level
  2. Lack of professionalism from circuit owners
  3. Lack of general public awareness
  4. Lack of commitment in combating noise pollution and planning related issues

The constant stigma attached to the sport by the public, and in turn the planning issues surrounding motocross, will always undoubtedly end with tracks closing.

Due to the lack of competition, some track owners become complacent with so many riders turning up every week. The demand has become so great that they feel their tracks and facilities do not need continuous investment as riders will show up regardless as they have nowhere else to ride.

Tracks can become dangerous, unsupervised and without the correct first aid and safety procedures being followed. It is extremely important that you, the customer, check that these facilities carry the correct licences.

“How is the sport going to get the respect it deserves if the main people involved (the riders) do not demand better facilities.”

We believe that to develop this sport further, not only do we need great organisations such as the IOPD and ACU, but more importantly we need fantastic grass root training facilities to encourage new riders of all ages to enter the sport.We need the Local Authorities to understand the need for such facilities and assist us in finding the right locations.We need the planning departments to appreciate this sport and provide solutions on meeting planning policy.We need environmentalists to acknowledge that it’s far less damaging to the environment if the sport can be contained in a number of small areas than to keep turning a blind eye to illegal off road riding through parks, fields, green lanes and bridleways.

“As a sporting community we all need to pull together to combat these issues if we are to stand any chance of developing this fantastic sport further.”

  • To reduce the amount of illegal off road riding by children and adults within the South East.
  • To initially develop a safe outdoor training and practice facility that caters for and supports the local demand within the South East.
  • To create a Youth Training Academy to develop the skills required to tackle this demanding sport.
  • To create a sports education programme/facility for all ages.
  • To provide a professional dedicated team to further create awareness of the sport.
  • To work hard towards offsetting the impact that the sport has on the environment.

Sshhh……Quiet Please!

We understand the impact our sport has on the environment and we feel that for things to move forward, we must seek to provide alternative ways of enjoying this fantastic sport.

We understand, but more importantly we need our members to understand, that the largest issue our sport currently faces is noise pollution and carbon related pollution.

Therefore, although we realise that it may initially feel like a chore, we are requesting that all our members (if they do not already) try to run a decibel killer within their exhaust systems.

Our great new facility has a maximum noise level of 96 decibels at source and therefore we must all make an effort to reduce the noise pollution of all machines that attend our facility to comply with these regulations.

If we can’t deal with this then unfortunately like many others, the track will eventually close and local riders will become even further frustrated with the lack of good facilities.

If you do not already own a db killer, to assist with this and make life easier for our members, we have become the UK distributer for Ignition Products who supply within their range a product called the DB Dawg. This db killer can be installed in 5 minutes, costs circa £20.00, and is available from our parts store.

Before anyone starts the rumour mill spinning, the products do not make the engine over heat and only reduce power by typically 2%. We have been running one in our 2011 KTM 350 for three months and it’s great. So unless you’re the next James Stewart, you won’t notice any change in the bikes performance!

Standard silencers will be preferred however, we will accept after market exhausts as long as they are well packed and meet our sound testing requirements. If the bike doesn’t meet these requirements (96db or below) we can advise on these issues on the day.